Member Impact

International automakers are driving growth today and investing in tomorrow.

State Impact

International automakers operate 31 manufacturing facilities across 13 states. Our manufacturing impacts millions of Americans and our investments drive the growth of America’s skilled workforce, develop new technologies, and pave the way for the future.

International automakers operate 31 manufacturing facilities across the United States.
13 states across the country proudly produce international automaker vehicles.
12 states across the country are home to green vehicle and battery manufacturing or green R&D facilities.

Driving Technical Education and Career Development

A pipeline of skilled labor is critical to driving growth and success in today’s U.S. automotive industry. International automakers are offering workforce education programs that encourage students to pursue career and technical training while giving current employees opportunities to reskill and upskill their manufacturing abilities.


Investing in US

Our members provide meaningful career paths that create wealth, security, and opportunities for American families in all 50 states.

Employees are afforded competitive wages, comprehensive benefits, skills training, and growth opportunities, from the shop floor to facility management. And these opportunities are driven forward by international automakers’ investments in upskilling and reskilling through workforce development programs.