Autos Drive America is strongly committed to trade policies that promote market openness and encourage investments in the U.S.
The success of the U.S. automotive industry depends on its performance on the global stage – where the free exchange of goods isn’t just beneficial; it’s essential to progress, economic growth, and innovation.

U.S.-Built Vehicles are Exported Worldwide

Currently, international automakers export 695,000 American-made vehicles to 130 countries annually. That is worth $24 billion to the U.S. economy, bolstering job creation, economic growth, and new investments across communities nationwide.

Share of International Automakers' U.S.-Made Exports by Region, 2022

Trade is vital to the U.S. automotive sector, and in order to bolster investments in American workers and communities, we need trade policies that encourage competition, open markets, and create certainty through meaningful enforcement mechanisms.

Trade Supports Jobs in Manufacturing States

Free trade agreements open markets and reduce barriers like tariffs and quotas — enabling the industry to source high-quality materials and build resilient supply chains — thus lowering the cost of vehicles for consumers. They also generate new and exciting careers and the creation of new American-made products to export to our trading partners overseas.