Kia Impact

People are at the heart and soul of Kia Georgia.

Economic Impact


Have you heard of the Kia Way? The Kia Way is based on a one-system, one team approach where all remain focused on continuous improvement, always striving to make today better than yesterday.

Kia Economic Impact Facts


Through the efforts of its team members, Kia Georgia is driving upward mobility for the Troup County community. Mobility is more than transportation, it’s freedom of movement.

Before Whitney Cummings began working for Kia Georgia, she was working 3 jobs.

David Woodyard’s answer when asked why he wanted to work at Kia Georgia? He was looking for a home.

Riley Morgan didn’t know what he wanted to do after his senior year and was nervous about going to college or joining the military. Today, Riley works in weld-maintenance at Kia Georgia.

Watch here to learn how Kia Georgia helps change the lives of its team members.



Workforce Development & Education