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Boldly Closing the STEM Gap: Female Toyota Engineers Commemorate International Women in Engineering Day

July 6, 2021

Technical innovations are swiftly evolving across the automotive industry and women engineers are increasingly leading the charge. In fact, recent U.S. Department of Education¹ statistics² cited by the Society of Women Engineers report a 58% increase in bachelor’s degrees awarded in engineering and computer science to women — from 2012 (25,900) to 2017 (40,876).

Women’s entry into the field of engineering is growing and fast. Take, for example, that in 2018, there were 136,233 engineering bachelor’s degrees awarded, according to an American Society for Engineering Education study³. Of those, women earned nearly 22% of engineering bachelor’s degrees that year, for a total of approximately 29,970 degrees.

At Toyota, we encourage women to pursue engineering careers as we strive to achieve significantly higher gender equality in the workplace. The more women engineers join the working world, the more innovative, new concepts and technologies will develop everywhere — and the automotive industry is no exception. By cultivating a workforce that contains a diversity of perspectives and experiences, Toyota is accelerating its evolution into a mobility company.

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