Wages & Benefits Survey

International automakers offer higher wages for starting positions than industry counterparts

$19.02 compared to between $18.504 and $17.51.5 Average production worker wages ($24.70) are higher than the industry average, too ($24.53).

Their employees achieve top-out wage rates in an average of six years, allowing them to spend much of their career earning higher wages ($28.01 on average). Industry counterparts also offer relatively fast employee advancement, with an average of 8-9 years6 to reach top-out wage rates.

Source: Production Line Worker Compensation Survey

Average Bonuses by Type and Worker Category

86% of international automaker employees are direct hires, with many temporary workers offered full-time employment in less than a year.

The wages they earn provide for quality standards of living in the communities where these facilities operate. Facilities also offered a variety of bonus types, including attendance, profit sharing, and performance.

Source: Production Line Worker Compensation Survey

Insurance Premium Paid by Worker

95% of facilities provide 401k account matching. International automakers offer an average of 25 days of paid time off on top of paid holidays and other leave benefits, including fully paid parental leave. All facilities provide workers with a vehicle lease, purchase, or discount program. 95% of facilities provide annual educational assistance to employees ranging from $4,000 to $7,500.

Source: Production Line Worker Compensation Survey

International automakers’ production facilities hire a more racially diverse workforce than the states in which they are located.

34% of workers identify as African American, compared to 18% for the general population of the nine7 states. Facility workers were also more likely to identify as two or more races (9%) than in the broader nine-state group (2%).

Source: Production Line Worker Compensation Survey