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Autos Drive America’s Members Put Pressure on Speaker Pelosi to Oppose Discriminatory Changes to the EV Tax Credit

September 30, 2021

Senior executives of twelve leading international auto companies in the United States sent a letter today to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, House leadership, and the Ways and Means Committee chairman and ranking member, raising their opposition to the proposed changes to the electric vehicle (EV) tax credit in the House reconciliation bill. The EV tax credit incentive discriminates against American autoworkers, limits consumer choice, and prevents the administration from reaching President Biden’s goals on climate change.

“The fact that 12 senior executives sent this letter demonstrates the gravity of concern over the House proposed EV tax credit and the harm it will have on their American workforce and consumer choice,” said Jennifer Safavian, president and CEO of Autos Drive America. “The U.S. auto industry has committed billions to increase consumer use of green vehicles. You don’t reduce climate change by making over 90 percent of EVs ineligible to receive the credit.”

The letter urges support for policies that offer incentives to all electric vehicles made by all American autoworkers. The following companies signed the letter: American Honda Motor Co., Inc., BMW of North America, LLC, Hyundai Motor North America, Kia North America & Kia America, Mazda North American Operations, Mercedes-Benz USA, Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc., Nissan North America, Inc., Subaru of America, Inc., Toyota Motor North America, Inc., Volkswagen Group of America, Inc., and Volvo Cars USA, LLC.

Read the full letter below.

International Automakers Letter to Speaker Pelosi