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Autos Drive America Co-Hosts Briefing on Employer-led Training and the Modern Workforce with the Future of Work Congressional Caucus

May 23, 2023

WASHINGTON, D.C.Autos Drive America, the leading voice for international automakers with operations in the U.S., today held a briefing on employer-led training and the modern workforce with the Skills First Coalition and Future of Work Congressional Caucus.

“International automakers are fully committed to not just preparing workers for a single job, but a career in automotive manufacturing” said Jennifer Safavian, President & CEO of Autos Drive America. “Today, employers are a valued partner in helping to prepare future workforces for the skills needed in the ever-changing manufacturing sector—particularly in auto manufacturing. As we heard at today’s panel, BMW’s innovative education programs are creating a talent pipeline and developing an in-demand, competitive workforce that will help our manufacturing economy flourish in today’s global economy.”

The briefing focused on how employers and education providers are working together to reskill and upskill today’s workforce through a variety of models for workers across multiple industries. As companies have transitioned their education and training programs post-pandemic, they are highlighting these programs as part of their recruitment and retention practices.

Reps. Lisa Blunt Rochester (DE-AL) and Andrew Gabarino (NY-02), co-chairs of the Future of Work Caucus, both provided remarks ahead of the panel.

Rya Conrad-Bradshaw, VP of Corporate Markets at Cengage Group, moderated the event. Briefing panelists included:

  • Paul Sinanian, Manager for Talent Programs and Training, BMW Plant Spartanburg
  • Cindi Walker, Vice President of Engineering Test & Technology Global Engineering People Strategy Boeing
  • Mary Ann Byrnes, Global Head, Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity Academy
  • Meredith Stowell, Vice President, Z Ecosystem Infrastructure IBM

“Developing and sustaining a skilled workforce is critical if companies want to stay competitive in advanced manufacturing,” said Paul Sinanian, Manager for Talent Programs and Training at BMW Plant Spartanburg. “The BMW Scholars program is one such program that allows us to recruit, train, and grow our talent so these associates can make an immediate impact in the company.  This is an exciting time for students to know when they complete their education and training requirements, they have a well-paying job waiting for them.”

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