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Statement on Joint Ambassador Letter to U.S. Lawmakers Regarding Discriminatory Electric Vehicle Tax Credit

October 30, 2021

On October 29, 2021, Ambassadors representing countries of automotive producers sent a letter to U.S. lawmakers saying a proposed U.S. electric vehicle tax credit violates international trade rules.


WASHINGTON, D.C. Statement By Jennifer Safavian, President and CEO Autos Drive America

“As President Biden attends COP26 for climate talks, we hope that he takes into consideration the growing concerns raised from our trading partners about the Build Back Better discriminatory and restrictive electric vehicle tax credit proposal. The fact that Ambassadors from around the globe are raising red flags that the legislation would violate international trade rules should make the Administration and Congress realize that this is just bad policy.  It discriminates against American workers, undermines global climate change goals, and threatens our relationships with our trading partners.  Tax incentives should be fair and equal for all EVs.”

Read the full letter below.

Ambassador Letter Regarding Discriminatory EV Tax Incentive