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Autos Drive America Celebrates MFG Day 2020 as Official Sponsor

October 2, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Autos Drive America is proud to be an official sponsor of MFG Day 2020. Celebrated annually on the first Friday of October, MFG Day is a workforce development and education initiative of the National Association of Manufacturers and The Manufacturing Institute. MFG Day shines a spotlight on modern manufacturing careers by encouraging thousands of companies and educational institutions around the nation to host events for students, parents, teachers, and community leaders.  

As an official sponsor, Autos Drive America supports this assembly of virtual events, open houses, career fairs, and other events to highlight the work of modern manufacturers and energize a future pipeline of skilled workers. Because of the unique challenges that this year poses, MFG Day 2020 will be like no other—with more virtual events allowing for even more connection, reach, and participation across the industry and country. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic has reaffirmed for all of us the importance of modern manufacturing in our lives—from making masks, gloves and hospital equipment to researching vaccines and treatments, from producing our food supply to developing the electronics that make remote learning and work possible. In the coming months and years, it will be modern manufacturing that leads our recovery and renewal. This year’s MFG Day is a uniquely powerful opportunity to bring awareness to the high-paying, rewarding and meaningful career opportunities in our industry,” said Manufacturing Institute Executive Director Carolyn Lee. “Across the country, manufacturers are saying, ‘Creators Wanted.’ We have hundreds of thousands of jobs to fill—and will have millions more over the coming decades. MFG Day will open minds to what’s possible with a modern manufacturing career.” 

To celebrate MFG Day, Autos Drive America will highlight their members’ manufacturing workforce and presence throughout the month of October. 

“Over the past 60 years, international automakers have invested $92 billion into their U.S. operations and today have 30 manufacturing plants in America,” said Jennifer Safavian, president and CEO of Autos Drive America. “With sixty percent of our workforce in manufacturing, international automakers are investing heavily into workforce development programs to fill jobs with skilled workers.”

Since its founding in 2012, MFG Day has been the keystone manufacturing education and awareness day that gives manufacturers the unique opportunity to address the skills gap, connect with future generations of talent, reframe the public perception of what modern manufacturing is and ensure the ongoing prosperity of the industry as a whole.


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