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Honda Progress in Establishment of EV Hub in Ohio will Lead to EV Production in North America

Renovations at the Anna Engine Plant for the installation of large die-cast machinery to create IPU cases.
April 12, 2024
  • Honda EV Hub is developing knowledge and expertise for EV technology and production to be shared with other Honda plants in North America
  • Investment in Ohio EV Hub progressing as planned
  • Marysville Auto Plant (MAP) gearing up for start of EV production in 2025
  • Honda is expected to hire 300 associates for its EV Hub in Ohio
  • Upskilling of Honda associates for EV and IPU production begins this year

Honda is making critical progress in the establishment of the Honda EV Hub in Ohio, which will serve as a roadmap for production* of electric vehicles (EVs) in North America. As Honda works toward the start of EV production in late 2025, retooling efforts are well underway, including preparation for vehicle production and in-house assembly of the Intelligent Power Unit (IPU), which houses the EV battery and serves as part of the vehicle platform. Based on its goal to achieve carbon neutrality, Honda is targeting 100% zero emissions vehicle sales by 2040.

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