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Honda plants 85,000 trees to capture carbon and enhance biodiversity near its Ohio operations

Honda today announced the planting of 85,000 trees in Union County, Ohio as part of the company’s latest effort to enhance biodiversity and reduce its environmental footprint. The 85,000 trees planted on 100 acres of Honda-owned land along the Flat Branch Creek near its Marysville Auto Plant, East Liberty Auto Plant and Auto Development Center will increase the company’s carbon sequestration efforts, improve existing riparian buffers, and serve as home for a diverse group of insects, animals, birds and plants. The native trees will be known as the “Honda Power of Dreams Forest.”

As part of this work, Honda partnered with a local farmer to implement USDA conservation agricultural practices that will help strengthen water quality in the Flat Branch Creek. Honda also is working with a neighboring farm to develop a tree-based system focused on maple trees for syrup production. This not only creates another sustainable local source of maple syrup but also aligns with the farm’s existing agricultural activities and the environmental efforts Honda is promoting. Ultimately, the syrup will be made available for sale at a local farmers market, further strengthening local sustainability.

Read the full press release here.