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Mercedes-Benz USA’s Vans Division Celebrates Grand Opening of New State-Of-the-Art Marshalling Yard in North Charleston

June 25, 2021

Mercedes-Benz USA’s vans division announced the opening of a new marshalling yard located in the Ladson area of North Charleston, South Carolina, representing a total investment of $53 million U.S. Dollars towards new infrastructure, IT developments and overall operational restructuring. Mercedes-Benz USA President & CEO, Dimitris Psillakis joined Mercedes-Benz USA’s vans Vice President and Managing Director, Nicolette Lambrechts, and Mercedes-Benz Vans Charleston Deputy to the CEO and Head of Paint Production and Maintenance, Mark Allen, to mark this important milestone and officially unveil the new marshalling yard.

Mercedes-Benz USA has committed a total investment of US$53 million into the improvements and enhancements of the new marshalling yard. As part of this investment, Mercedes-Benz USA has contracted with Auto Warehousing Co., who will be fully responsible for all vehicle movements from start to finish, thus streamlining the overall handover process. Additionally, Mercedes-Benz USA will now utilize a sophisticated new logistics management IT system, in line with Mercedes-Benz passenger car operations, to provide customized software that allows for quick and accurate inventory tracking.

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